Our Programs

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Super Saturday Kids Klub

– A fun, free, action-packed Saturday morning program for kids ages 4-12.  Our big buses pick up over 100 kids throughout Surrey to get together for a great time and important life lessons, and everyone gets a treat every day!

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Sidewalk Kids Klub

– in the summer months, we bring Kids Klub on the road into apartment complexes with our mobile teams.  Kids can come right out of their apartment and engage with a free fun program weekly.

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– For preteens in grade 5-8, ConnXion arranges outings and high-energy in-house programs for fun, friends, and personal growth.  Free rides are provided for our events.

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– Youth in grades 8-12 are welcome to join Fusion on Friday nights.  Free rides, great times, and encouragement to make life count are all part of the package.

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Impact Team

– Designed for teens who want to take their leadership to a deeper level, Impact Team combines service with Kids Klub, classes, retreats, and personalized mentoring to help young people maximize their impact on the world.

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– For young adults aged 18-25, The Core is our young adults’ group that gets together for good times and coaching through the transitional years of young adulthood.