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The Four Most Important Things

This is a thematic collection of ten lessons that have been used to introduce many children to Jesus.  The essence of the gospel is made kid-friendly with these four themes:

  • God Loves Me!

  • I Have Sinned!

  • Jesus Died for Me!

  • I Can Choose to Follow Jesus!

This kit contains two lessons for each of the four most important things, as well as two ‘follow-up’ lessons to take your kids to the next step of Christian living - ten full sessions of exciting, dramatic teaching.



David Was a Kid Like Me

This series of ten lessons teaches children important biblical truths taken right from the life of one of the God’s most famous heroes - David. Follow along the life of David and help your kids to know, understand, and remember topics such as these:

  • It’s the Inside that Counts

  • Being a Real Friend

  • Bullying And

  • Forgiveness

In today’s “Me! Me! Me!” world, children struggle to learn how to treat one another, how to truly love both God and others. David Was a Kid Like Me will give children the skills they need to learn how to relate.



Supersize your Faith!

This is a great resource for reaching kids in your community or for the spiritual formation of children already in your church.  Following the lives of great men and women of faith from the Old Testament, as well as a wacky recurring cast of mad scientists, kids, and superheroes, this series of Sixteen lessons teaches children to believe and understand basic truths of the Bible such as…

  • Believe God is Real!

  • Believe God Made Everything!

  • Believe God Keeps His Promises!

  • Believe God Protects You!

  • Believe God Provides for You!

  • Believe God Heals You!

And many more, to help kids believe God for miraculous things in their lives!


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What’s Up with Jesus?

This set of sixteen lessons answers the question, “What would it look like if Jesus came to the world today?”  Modern Day Bible stories place the life and miracles of Jesus in a contemporary Western context to help kids understand the heart of the story of Jesus and how He came for them.  Contemporary skits and engaging object lessons teach kids about the power of God’s word and the love of Jesus for them, as well as topics like evangelism, resisting temptation, and forgiveness.


The Basics

This set of eight lessons is designed to help kids understand the essentials of Christian faith and life.  Through a variety of Bible stories, object lessons, and contemporary life skits, children will learn who God is, how to be saved, and the importance of reading the Bible, worship as a lifestyle, prayer, and church attendance.


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Scuba Man

These eight lessons are designed to teach kids what God is really like.  Kids will follow along with engaging presentations of Old Testament Bible stories as well as ‘Scuba Man’, a bumbling superhero who never quite gets it right but still manages to learn important lessons along the way.  Kids will learn that God is One, Holy, Reliable, Strong, that He Speaks, is Just, and is Life, in addition to a special Christmas Lesson in this fun, interactive curriculum.